What is ThinkTank?

ThinkTank is a student group that hosts discussions on sociopolitical issues, with new topics selected every week. Using a casual, drop-in style format, there are no members of ThinkTank, but instead participants who decide that the topic of a given week is of interest to them. Each topic is selected in advance and is sourced either from participant suggestions or from our executive team.

Why did we start?

ThinkTank was started in 2017 to provide students with a place to discuss relevant topics and to engage and interact with different ideas. In today’s society we have the ability to communicate in real time with people all over the world and access enormous amounts of information. However, this change has produced a problematic side effect, whereby sociopolitical dialogue appears to be increasingly characterized by the loudest or most aggressive voices dominating all others. This in turn has the potential to create a polarized and fragmented political culture. To help address this, ThinkTank attempts to foster constructive and respectful dialogue on important issues by providing an environment where these types of discussions can take place.

It is especially important that such places exist in universities. We believe it is vital for the public good that institutions of higher education actively promote the productive exchange of ideas. This means allowing a wide variety of perspectives to coexist, and for constructive disagreement to act as the cornerstone of analysis.

How can you get involved?

We would encourage anyone who is interested in ThinkTank or the topics that we discuss to participate in our weekly meetings. Attending enables you to learn about new ideas, practice critical thinking, and ensure your ideas and beliefs are being represented in the university dialogue. Learn more about volunteering.