What is ThinkTank?

ThinkTank is a student group that hosts discussions on sociopolitical issues, with new topics selected every week. With a casual, drop-in style format and no formal membership requirements, group activities are open to all interested participants. Topics are chosen in advance from participant suggestions or from our executive team.

Why did we start?

ThinkTank was started in 2017 to counteract the tendency for political conversation to be dominated by the loudest voices. Our group aims to foster constructive and respectful dialogue on important issues by providing a carefully moderated environment for these types of discussions to take place. We provide students the opportunity to engage and interact with different ideas in an enjoyable, respectful, and open setting.

We believe it is especially important for these conversations to take place in universities. Institutions of higher education should strive to actively promote the productive exchange of ideas, enabling a variety of perspectives to coexist while teaching the benefits of constructive disagreement as an analytical tool.

How can you get involved?

We encourage anyone who is interested in the group to participate in our weekly meetings. Attendance enables you to learn about new ideas, practice critical thinking, and ensure your ideas and beliefs are being represented in the university dialogue. For those interested in assisting the group in a more formal capacity, we are always accepting applications for volunteers.